Press Start Capital

Press Start Capital 👉🎮 is a web3 venture capital firm founded by experienced builders with multiple exits. We pioneered web3-native pre-accelerator Fellowships - providing hyper early stage founders with first checks, mentorship from OG founders, and a bridge to top accelerators. We also make pre-seed investments into the “full stack” of Web3 entertainment: gaming, metaverse, creator, consumer, infrastructure.

The Multiplayer Fellowship

As builders ourselves, we believe the best support for founders is a community of fellow builders - building alongside each other, learning together, and supporting one another. The Multiplayer Fellowship is our contribution to pushing the industry forward by seeding and supporting the next generation of web3 founders.We ran several fellowship cohorts during the depths of the bear market, with the majority of our Fellowship alums going on to raise or join top accelerators such as Alliance DAO, a16z Crypto Startup School & SPEEDRUN, Binance Labs, and Y Combinator.The newly re-branded Multiplayer Fellowship plans to provide hands-on support & write first checks for 100 teams in 2024-2025.Press Start 👉🎮 on your next adventure by applying to the next Multiplayer Fellowship cohort!

Pre-seed Web3 Entertainment

We write pre-seed checks into Web3 Entertainment startups because we believe entertainment-related use cases will onboard the next billion users to Web3, helping blockchain technologies “cross the chasm” to more mainstream users.As software eats finance and entertainment eats software, now is the perfect time to build the New Golden Age of Entertainment - where creators, gamers and fans join forces to co-create and co-own the games, stories and characters we cherish.


Base Station
Mighty Bear Games
Mystery Society
Tazz Finance
The Arcade

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